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Kimberly Richard: Wicked Blushing Brides

Kimberly Richard: 

Wicked Blushing Brides

Every Friday 10:00 to 10:30 AM

Kimberly Richard is the proprietor of 

The Bridal Studio & Spa in Sandwich, Mass, a Magazine Columnist, Stylist and Speaker on everything beauty. As a licensed aesthetician, she highlights the most lovely and stunning you. Her skills allow her to create a soft glow or rock the glamour. You see her work coming down the aisle, in runway shows and in magazines. Her team of make-up and hair artists, massage therapists and nail technicians are as passionate about your wedding as you are.

You may contact Kimberly on her website www.KimberlyRichard.com, by email at Kimberly@KimberlyRichard.com 

or at her studio (508) 725-6250.

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Go you want to look good or do you want to look AWESOME?

Kimberly shares the Secrets, Tips & Tricks.