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Roxanne Pappas: Wicked Energy Lady

Roxanne Pappas: Wicked Energy Lady 

Every Monday 6PM to 6:30 PM

Roxanne Pappas is the Host of Wicked Green Energy, a show, dedicated to educating individuals about cutting edge green choices for the sustainability of our planet. She is also, an Independent Associate with Viridian Energy, a company that provides power from Solar, Wind and Water directly to you, Right Now. You can help her bring our troops home from the Middle East and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. 

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Contact:  Roxanne Pappas/ Cell: 508-364-9964 / Email: RPappas7@Gmail.com

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Effortlessly incorporate sustainability into your life.


Deregulated Energy means we have a Choice.


Defining the terms: Fracking, Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy and more..


Save Water, Energy and Money with Water Sense.


Sustainable Plant, Lawn and Shrub care are discussed.